Perspectives of a Woman CEO

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In My Experience - Perspectives Of A Woman CEO



Lessons From The Pandemic

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The global pandemic upended all of our lives. It changed the way we work, where and how we work in many cases, and even the way we view work. Is there anything we can learn from the experience?

Join CEO Marion Minor and host David Gee for this episode of In My Experience, Perspectives of a Woman CEO, as they discuss Marion’s three big takeaways. For her she says they can be grouped into the following categories: Business – The old rules don’t apply, in fact there are no rules. Leadership – In times of uncertainty, your management style has to change. Professional relationships – Global trauma is a great equalizer when interacting and relating with others.



Getting to know this CEO – Introductory Podcast

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In this introductory podcast of In My Experience; Perspectives of a Woman CEO, we’ll get to know Marion Minor, her business background, and how a psychology major with a background in consultative selling and research in the retail space, came to own and run EPG Brand Acceleration and EPG Specialty Information. With host David Gee, she will discuss what brand fans are, and how EPG is trying to create them, how she led the company from an analog publishing mindset to a digital universe where podcasts, webinars, e-blasts, conferences and other forms of content get treated as an experience, and how she used the pandemic as a catalyst for growth. Marion also explains why there should be a marketer and a merchant in all of us, and what it means to manage multiple generations in the workplace.